Sampling of dermal Interstitial Fluid (dISF)


Ascilion’s sampling system enables new biomedical research and future diagnostic opportunities by collecting sufficiently large volumes of dermal interstitial fluid for subsequent analysis in an operator and patient friendly way.

Microneedle sampling of dISF

The PELSA system samples and collects dermal interstitial fluid using hollow microneedles and a mild vacuum. The needle chip has a built-in capillary system and a fluidic storage reservoir for collection of the fluid.

Using hollow microneedles for sampling is quick, easy, requires a minimum of post processing of the sample and leaves no scarring or itching.

The PELSA System

The PELSA system consists of a sampling tool, a monitoring system, and a PC-controlled vacuum unit. Sampling is controlled from the PC through pre-defined sequences and on-screen visual monitoring of the process.

Sampling Tool

The sampling tool consists of a sterile and single-use needle unit that docks into a holder. Together with a visual inspection system, an easy-to-use tool is formed intended for vacuum aided sampling of dermal interstitial fluid. The tool can either be demounted for direct access to the sampled fluid using a pipette or a storage capillary for collection of the fluid after sampling.
Sampling of dISF has never been easier with on-screen monitoring, precise sub-pressure control, and pre-defined sampling sequences.

A well protected system

A strong patent portfolio shows the novelty and inventiveness of the system and forms the foundation of a robust path towards improved diagnostics. Patents range from intricate details regarding design of hollow microneedles and realization of on-chip capillary systems to sampling methods and analysis.

Patent Families

The Needle Chip

The system, with Ascilion’s fifth generation hollow microneedles chip at the core and a wealth of pre-clinical test data, is well positioned to enter clinical studies both in Europe and the US.

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