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Using syringes to extract blood may soon be a thing of the past. Many blood tests can be replaced by extracting interstitial fluid (ISF), which carries the biomarkers in our bodies just as well as blood. Ascilion has developed a simple method to extract ISF from a person's skin, using a proprietary array of tiny hollow microneedles. The solution comes with an easy-to-use autoextractor along with a set of detachable consumables for safe ISF collection and handling. Welcome to the new era of blood-free, painless health monitoring and disease diagnostics.

It is easy to sample ISF using Ascilion's autoextractor, which comes with a set of detachable consumables (red) that include microneedles for ISF collection and a filter for biomolecule analysis.


Clinics can replace invasive blood sampling with the extraction of ISF and hence reduce the need for physician assessments, while eliminating patient discomfort.


In pharmaceutical production, it is easy to observe and analyze local skin effects from different substances under development.


Scientific research is vastly improved and simplified, as the need for blood-based biomarker monitoring is reduced and analysis is moved closer to the cell activity.


Microneedles are at the core of Ascilion's ISF patented extraction solution. Multiple hollow microneedles are carefully arranged in an array, combined with a capillary system to provide maximum extraction performance. The needles have a close to atomically sharp tip, enabling pain-free skin penetration. Using the autoextractor, the ISF is extracted and collected in a filter inside a consumable. Simply remove the consumable in order to further process the ISF using e.g. liquid chromatography–mass spectrometry.


Simple, yet ingenious in design, the autoextractor complements the capillary forces used to collect and transport ISF. A sub-pressure is created when pressing the button, which helps to drive the fluid onto the consumable's filter.

The needle chip

Etched from pure silicon using MEMS technology, the needle chip is part of Ascilion's consumable. ISF is extracted using an array of extremely sharp needles. The fluid is funnelled along an intricate capillary system to an exit port using capillary forces.

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