Who we are

Founded on the premise to radically improve healthcare the team set out to develop a MEMS based microneedle chip for extraction of dermal interstitial fluid (dISF).
After almost 10 years of developing a system, the company is now entering into numerous clinical trials with the aim of characterizing both the system and dISF in itself.

How do we work?

Ascilion collaborates with organizations within fields as vast and diverse as oncology and neonatal. But the common denominator is always a need for a modern day syringe and a curiosity and drive on how to enhance health science at large.
Sampling of dISF has never been easier with on-screen monitoring, precise sub-pressure control and pre-defined sampling sequences.

How it began

Ascilion was founded in 2012 with a mission to solve the problem of extracting dermal interstitial fluid (dISF) in a timely and pain-free way. A team of engineers with a thorough understanding of MEMS technology and micro fluidics took on the challenge of solving what turned out to be a very complex problem.

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The system and devices described and depicted on this website are not regulatory approved. Neither the system nor the devices are allowed for use outside clinical studies where approval for use has been obtained by appropriate authorities.

Do you still want to use it – We’ll work with you creating the documentation needed for submission of the application of your study.

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